Fishermans Cove by Lesley Blackburn
Fishermans Cove by Lesley Blackburn

There is always a dosage of the unknown in an abstract painting as the image could be so far removed from reality that we might find its message fairly difficult to decipher. But when we read the title and we take a closer look at the colours, composition and rhythm, the image reveals itself before our eyes.

This is the case with the artwork of the week Fishermans Cove by Lesley Blackburn.  Created in oil and mixed media in shades of blue and turquoise, we can easily say that the artwork is a seascape. There is a calmness that emanates from the painting through both the colour combination and the movement.

There is a strong tradition in the British arts to depict sea scenes and water, due to predecessors like Turner and the fact that we are surrounded by the sea. Fishing is one of the oldest activities on the British islands as a major source of food throughout the ages. This tradition continues up to the present day, especially in places like Cornwall for example.

Fishermans Cove is a good title to capture both Turner’s influence on the artist’s artwork and the fishing tradition these islands are known for. If it was to describe the painting in three words, the first ones that come to mind are calm, refreshing and infinite. Do you agree?

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