Bright Leaves Of Autumn by Stuart Dalby


Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Colour is king and queen to me when I make a painting. I exaggerate its use to express my feelings about given situations, places, events and pure decoration. I do like colour to be bold and strong enough to make a statement on its own.
I am affected by the changing seasons in much of my painting; none more so than landscape.
I tend to base the composition of my work on photographs that I have taken myself or image libraries. The chosen photographs are used only as a starting point and not copied slavishly; where would be the fun in that?


Stuart Dalby creating his colourful art
Stuart Dalby creating his colourful art

What is the creative process when creating your vibrant colourful art?

Generally, I use my source material as a structured layout. In the case of the “Bright Leaves of Autumn“, I manipulated the colour rendering of photographs that I used to create an exaggerated effect of the dramatic change autumn gives to plants.
I then scaled up my source material onto the canvas using time honoured scaling techniques of squaring up the source material onto a squared up canvas.
Using acrylic paint I tend to work alla prima ( thick opaque paint ) directly onto the canvas using brushes, sponges, rags and even twigs from the garden.

How long would this work have taken you?

I tend to work in one or two hour shifts on a painting, giving me time to reflect on its progress. This process usually spreads over a two or three week period.
I then leave the painting hanging on a wall for a week or two. During this time period, many glaring anomalies come to light. These I rectify until I am satisfied that the painting is ready to be displayed for sale.

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