birthdaybouquetBirthday Bouquet is my interpretation of a large bouquet of flowers with an abundance of bright multiple colourful blooms that are heavily fragrant. You can almost smell the fresh scents. The hand tied flower arrangement is adorned with bright and pastel colour, satin ribbons.

In the work, I wanted to capture an essence of celebration and the delight that you feel when you receive a surprise bouquet of flowers. The joy of the unexpected.

I painted the vivid flowers over an antique white canvas using my signature method of acrylic washes and glazes pooled in areas to create a deep saturation of the colour. I also use some secret ingredients that gives each work a unique finish.  One off results that cannot be repeated.

The work features light texture over an 80x80cm deep edged canvas.
Hanging on your wall, ‘Birthday Bouquet’ would be a daily reminder of celebrations and special occasions.