Traffic by Rakhmet Redzhepov
Every painting tells a story and every painting could be a conversation starter in any home. This is the premise we always have in mind when selecting our 'artwork of the week'. This week, we invite you to discover 'Traffic' by Rakhmet Redzhepov, a vibrant abstract painting that can enhance any decor. Find out more about its inspiration and creative process.

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Painting “Traffic” is from the series about Space, Universe, and Time.

I am a polystylist painter, I paint pictures in different techniques and in different genres. A long time ago, I started a series of subject-abstract paintings on the theme of “Space, Universe, and Time” as well as “Love, Music, Nature and Women”. When I work on a painting, I select and listen to a beautiful melody and paint the picture with a great feeling of Love. Collected from myths, legends and real life, these images have always excited my brain. Then, I gave free rein to my feelings and creative impulse and began to embody these images on canvases. My artworks find a different life and can give room for thoughts and fantasies to everyone who will be interested. When I start painting, my heartbeat rises from the expectation of a meeting with the canvas and a great desire to paint, I begin to tremble with my whole body, the muscles on my back are straining and this feeling and inspiration does not let go of me, all the while I paint the picture. This is akin to the feeling of having a first kiss, a feeling that now it is happening and something beautiful and unique will emerge. You experience the same strong feelings in childhood when you sneak up on a bird or a butterfly before you grab and catch it! This is repeated almost every time – either in front of a blank canvas or an image that comes to mind.

What is the creative process when creating your vibrant abstract art?

I approach a blank canvas with creativity and strong inspiration, trying to create unique and emotional images, created with brushes and palette knife on canvas, in acrylic and oil, also using silver and gold leaf. I paint several pictures at the same time, and on all of them I first build up layers with an interesting texture and surface.

How long would this work have taken you?

I worked on this series intermittently for about 1 year.

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