This week Art2Arts held a good old fashioned Christmas catch up in London for all the artists who feature on the site. With an evening of good conversation and good wine planned, it was no wonder we saw such a good turnout.

“It is so important for us to hold regular events like these because Art2Arts is so much more than just an online gallery, it is a community of artists,” explains organiser and site director Michelle Gibbs.  “I know too well that art can be a lonely occupation so it is nice to be able to meet up with other artists to share stories and trade techniques. Plus it’s nice for me be able to see in person all the people that I talk to regularly on the phone or by email.”

The drink and chatter flowed well into the evening with artists debating everything from exhibitions to Christmas present ideas.

“Whilst London isn’t a central location for all the artist featured on Art2Arts many of those located on the South Coast made the trip to the big city to support our site and strengthen our community. Hopefully in the future as Art2Arts continues to grow we’ll be able to hold these events regularly and at venues up and down the country,” concludes Michelle.