With just under two months to go until families get together all over the country to celebrate Mother’s Day, the race is on to find the perfect gift. For those that have already exhausted all other ideas, a beautiful bunch of flowers is often the ‘go-to’ treat for mums that love a classic floral design, whether that be in a vase, on their soft furnishings, or on their clothes!

Although the attractiveness of a bunch of flowers cannot be underestimated, their enjoyment lasts only as long as the freshness of the water that they are placed in. Instead, why not buy original art that allows the wonderful colours, shapes and shades of a natural bloom to decorate a room for years to come? Not only will this gift last for much longer than a freshly-cut arrangement, but choosing something with so much longevity can also give mothers a lifelong reminder of the son or daughter that they love so much.

Is your mum a fan of flowers? Here we’ve rounded up our selection of paintings for sale that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Fruit Table 2 – Irina Rumyantseva

Fruit Table

Irina is a popular member of our online art gallery, regularly uploading a diverse selection of premium artwork in a range of styles, covering various subject matters. However, throughout this variation her impeccable use of colour never differs, as is shown in this painting of flowers. Focussing on the sunflower, the tones used capture this happy, cheery bloom in a sophisticated way that doesn’t loses its character. Gifting this to your mother is sure to fill her with as much joy as we’re sure Irina had when creating this vibrant, textured piece of original art.

Boundless Beauty – Irina Rumyvantseva

Boundless Beauty – Irina Rumyvantseva

Here is an example of the many creative personalities that Irina possesses, showcasing a different representation of flowers, this time in the form of an abstract painting for sale. Rather than soft stokes in a variety of textures, this piece is great for those who like classic florals with a modern, bold twist.

Japanese Lily – Lesley Blackburn

Japanese Lily – Lesley Blackburn

Simple but effective is a phrase that could describe this mixed-media painting perfectly. The faded wash of violet in the background of this canvas evokes a sense of serenity that ties in wonderfully with the Japanese influence of these wonderful Lily flowers.

Perfect Moments Landscape – CK Wood

Perfect Moments Landscape – CK Wood

Similar to ‘Japanese Lily’, this floral painting for sale makes excellent use of white space, enabling a bright background to shine through the perfectly placed flowers in the foreground. The colours of blue, green and red are all characteristic of the British countryside, making this a fantastic purchase for mothers with classic style. CK Wood has an impressive selection of exquisite paintings, featuring a range of floral and non-floral designs that are all available to browse here at Art2Arts.


Floral Garden – Roz Edwards


This spectacular painting takes a snapshot of a blossoming English garden and captures it in oil paint, to last forever! No matter how grey and dreary it may be outside, treating your mother to this vibrant painting will give them a window of sunshine to always shine bright in any room.

Flowers aren’t only popular with mums – our community of contemporary artists also love these natural forms, regularly producing paintings for sale that capture these blooms in various genres, colours and styles.

Don’t forget – Mother’s Day is Sunday 26th March! Browse the full range of flower paintings online.

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