While it hardly feels cold enough to be January, or any winter month for that matter, the calendar assures us that it is indeed the first month of the year, and that can only mean January sales. Beat the high-street and shop for original art at our online gallery, from the comfort of your armchair. Here are my five faves from the splendiferous Art2Arts January sale.

Snow White painting by UK artist Carmen Tyrell
Snow White by Carmen Tyrell

Though we’ve no snow this year, Carmen Tyrell’s expressive painting perfectly captures the freshness of a snow white flower. Reduced to only £50, the painting is a steal, and Carmen also takes commissions in various genres, from portrait to landscape.

Monochrome Roses by Lita Narayan UK artist
Monochrome Roses by Lita Narayan

Do you sense a theme emerging here? This time the flowers are monochrome rather than white, on a chunky, ready-to-hang canvas they’ll make the perfect addition to any sleek, modern interior. Monochrome Roses is by Lita Narayan.

St Ives, South of the Harbour, by Juian Rowe, UK artist
St Ives, South of the Harbour, by Juian Rowe

Anyone who’s visted St Ives is likely to carry a secret nostalgia for its crisp quality of light that has inspired artists for centuries. Living and working in Cornwall himself, Julian Rowe is inspired by the landscapes and seascapes around him. St Ives, South of the Harbour brings you a little piece of this unique place on the planet.

Exmoor Ponies by Kathryn Dalziel UK artists
Exmoor Ponies by Kathryn Dalziel

Another painting with a Westcountry feel, Kathryn Dalziel’s lovely drawing of Exmoor ponies is a sure crowd-pleaser. Kathryn knows all about drawing horses and ponies, having been resident artist at the Spanish School of Riding in Vienna.

Tapestry by Rachel McCullock uk artist
Tapestry by Rachel McCullock

Here at Art2Arts, we know all about art and heart puns, and I can’t really pass up an opportunity to insert a few more. You can wear your art on your sleeve with this painting – Rachel McCullock’s Tapestry would make an art-felt gift to a loved one. (Sorry)

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