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We love Mariana Oros’ colourful abstract art that takes you to a fantasy realm where everything is possible. Mariana describes her work as ‘poetry on canvas’ and we couldn’t agree more. She accepted to answer a few questions about her inspiration at Christmas time and we invite you to read her mini-interview and visit her gallery.

Do you give your art as a gift to family and friends?

Yes, I love giving art as a gift to family, friends but also to art admirers.


Pitcher with Coins by Mariana Oros
Pitcher with Coins by Mariana Oros

What painting are you most proud of this year?

All my fantasy-themed paintings, because they represent me; through art, I can express my imagination without limits. Art is boundless.

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

Christmas is like the most beautiful holiday spent with the family. Family is the air, fire, earth and water that gives me a balance in life. It means everything to me and there is no Christmas without Family.

What inspiration do you get from the festive season?

I am a dreamer and I am inspired by pure white and the smell of snow, the glow of winter with all its elements: fog, frost, fir trees loaded with snow and the light of the moon.


Story in the Middle of the Night by Mariana Oros
Story in the Middle of the Night by Mariana Oros
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