Art2Arts Artist Celia Blanco

“I strive to explore the limitless possibilities watercolor painting offers and delight in the endless effects that can be produced. I paint a variety of subject matter, plein-air, from life, or from photos. What I find most stimulating are the seemingly commonplace moments or scenes that are often overlooked”. This is how Celia Blanco describes her artistic endeavour and she is our next artist that accepted to answer our mini-interview from the ‘Art2Arts Artist at Christmas’ series. Enjoy!

Do you give your art as a gift to family and friends?

Art is a passion. If one enjoys my artwork, I am grateful for the reaction. I would be happy to offer my work as a gift if it were well received.

What painting are you most proud of this year?


Green Tea by Celia Blanco
Green Tea by Celia Blanco


Every painting and sketch teaches me something. I am always striving to reach more understanding of watercolours as a medium.” Green Tea” is the painting I am most proud of this year. I always have a goal in mind and here, it was to capture light without relying on a photograph. It can be difficult with watercolour either for the way the medium works but also for the way light works! I feel here I managed it well even in its imperfection. I have learned to enjoy imperfections, learning to work with them.

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

I am planning to spend Christmas in Rome, Italy. I am American married to an Italian.  Rome, our home, is especially beautiful during this time of year.

What inspiration do you get from the festive season?

The festive season provides enormous religious inspiration for us Catholics. In Italy, you feel this perspective in an inspiring way especially through the masters who have honoured God throughout art history. I enjoy visiting churches and seeing the many Nativity scenes celebrating the glory of Jesus. They can be quite elaborate and require hours of work for the artisans that create them. On a more mundane note, there is always the food to look forward to, it wouldn’t be Italy otherwise! I will continue focusing on finishing projects from the current year while thinking of what I will be painting in the next. It is a great time to reflect.


Fresh Delivery by Celia Blanco
Fresh Delivery by Celia Blanco
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