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Bernadetta Dziubinski is one of our most popular artists and she has appeared in our magazine before with a full interview and other contributions to various articles. In her own words: “Art is a medicine for everything, it gives the artist satisfaction and joy to the recipient”. Read her mini-interview below and find out why she likes to paint angels every December. Enjoy!

Do you give your art as a gift to family and friends?

I think that by now, most of my relatives have one of my paintings or rather a lot of them ;). My friends and family are very often gifted by me but some of them purchased my paintings out of respect for my work. I give my paintings only when I know 100% that someone loves them. I must be sure that such artwork will hit the mark and bring someone a lot of joy. If I don’t know someone’s taste and preferences, I would give them a gallery voucher to purchase any art they like so they don’t have to choose my own artwork. I would always encourage everyone to hang original and unique artwork on the walls. I believe that everyone will find their treasures in the gallery, which will satisfy every taste and fit into every budget.


Tango Postpandemic by Bernadetta Dziubinski
Tango Postpandemic by Bernadetta Dziubinski


What painting are you most proud of this year?

This year was very successful for me because I created many paintings that I’m very proud of. I have put a little bit of my heart in each of them, so it’s difficult to choose just one. However, there is one painting that generated great interest and was also shown in an open art exhibition. The theme of this painting is also special because it was created to celebrate the end of the lockdown. It’s called “Tango postpandemic” and now one of Art2Arts gallery’s customers owns it.

 Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

I will spend this Christmas in Trentham with my family. This is such a special time of the year when I put the brush away and my attention is focused only on my loved ones, gifts, baking, cooking, and decorating the house. I love the Christmas Spirit, it’s a magical time!

What inspiration do you get from the festive season?

Every year in December, I create pictures of Angels for my clients; this is my Christmas tradition. It gives me a lot of joy because I know that my clients are waiting for these Angels. I believe that everyone should have their own guardian angel. The most important thing is that Christmas time allows me to recharge my internal battery and I have even more energy to implement my ideas … and there are millions of them in my head.


Angels series by Bernadetta Dziubinski
Angels series by Bernadetta Dziubinski
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