Argentum Wave 12 by Rachel McCullock

With the festive season now upon us, those with a love of art will be hoping for a little something special under the Christmas tree this year.

However, if you’ve missed your chance to order a piece for someone special that will be delivered in time for the big day, don’t despair. Art isn’t just for Christmas; it makes an excellent gift for other special occasions too!

Many of the orders that come through our website are to help mark special occasions such as milestone birthdays, retirements and even as a thank you, so here are a few tips if you want to order some artwork as a gift in the New Year.


Flying Dreams by Irini Karpikioti
Flying Dreams by Irini Karpikioti


Think about themes

In order to get your artwork gift just right, have a quick think about the themes that will resonate with the recipient as this is an excellent place to start when browsing all of the fantastic artwork available on the Art2Arts website.

If you’re still not sure, there may be clues hidden around their home, so invite yourself around for a coffee and pay close attention to any current pieces of artwork that are adorning their walls as this can give you some pointers on the style or theme of artwork they might like.


Colour schemes

For a gift that they won’t be able to resist showing off, you’ll want to consider the colour schemes of the recipient’s home too as its highly unlikely that they’ll want to completely redecorate their room to ensure that the piece of art you’ve gifted to them will complement their current décor.

Art2Arts has pieces in a variety of colour palettes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice whatever home décor shades that special someone has chosen for their home.

Argentum Wave 12 by Rachel McCullock
Argentum Wave 12 by Rachel McCullock

Think about space

To ensure that you get your artwork gift just right, take a look at any bare spaces that the person you will be buying artwork for. Hallways, landings and living spaces are ideal as these are high traffic areas that will allow more people to see the piece you choose to purchase, so make sure that you pay close attention to any available space.

It’s also a good idea to try and guess-timate the size of the space too and always allow a few inches of bare wall either side as this will frame the artwork perfectly and show it off beautifully.