Distant Birds by Elizabeth Bessant

One of the most exciting and innovative types of art, collage art uses a technique that brings together various mediums to create a unique and textured piece of work.
Collage is often categorised as a mix of both high and low art thanks to its use of mass-produced adverts and images and high art techniques employed by modern artists. Similar to the 17th-century technique of furniture decoration called decoupage, collage takes this technique from practical furniture to canvas form and creates an attention-grabbing piece of art by glueing various materials and images onto one area.


Aqua Teal And Gold Leaf Collage by Irina Rumyantseva
Aqua Teal And Gold Leaf Collage by Irina Rumyantseva


Often created using a mix of materials including fabric, photographs, pieces of paper and pretty much everything and anything else that can be included to create a statement, collage art is popular with collectors and art lovers thanks to its striking visuals and unique use of different media. It offers something different each time it is viewed.
Collage art is also celebrated for its vibrant use of colour and textures, making it an excellent choice for anyone with a love of modern art and vibrant hues.
Many artists that helped to champion collage art see their work as an opening up of the conscious with lovers enjoying the often disordered and fragmented appeal of the genre. It was made popular in the early part of the 20th century by artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi who was famous for his usage of popular culture icons and well-known consumer goods and world-famous artist Pablo Picasso who was often to be found dabbling with new forms of mixed media in his pieces.

Seen as an opportunity to add commentary through familiar imagery and objects, surrealist artists such as Dadaist Kurt Schwitters and Hannah Höch often cut out and glued parts of magazines and advertisements into their art as the collage process of assembling objects fits perfectly into the often-ironic work of these artists.
From politic and social commentary, collage art has recently evolved over the last few years to include digital mixed media that brings together photography, digital art and pieces and objects taken from third party sources to create a new age of collage art that is becoming increasingly popular with collectors of modern art.

With a variety of collage pieces available to view on our website, take a look at some of our pieces created by artists from the UK and around the globe that showcase this particle type of art at its best here.

** Featured artwork: “Distant Birds” by Elizabeth Bessant

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