At Art2Arts, we host work created in many mediums including sculpture, painting and photography. The wide range of Oil Paintings that we have for sale however always prove to be highly popular amongst our community of art lovers. Here we have listed four of the greatest oil paintings that have ever been created, as well as work listed on Art2Arts that can allow you to capture the essence of some of these famous pieces for your very own home!

Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci/Enigmatic Smile – Peter Dadswell


Mona_Lisa_(copy,_Hermitage)     Enigmatic Smile – Peter Dadswell

Both featuring a beautiful yet mysterious dark haired woman, ‘Enigmatic Smile’ by Peter Dadswell captures much the same expression as the infamous ‘Mona Lisa’. Both pieces use very fine brush strokes and delicate blending to use the oil paint as a way to create a smooth finishing, using shadows and highlights to perfection.

The Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh/ Vincent’s Paris – Suzette Datema


Picture1     Picture2

As the title of this piece suggests, it is easy to see that ‘Vincent’s Paris’ is a homage to the great Vincent Van Gogh. Known for his distinctive skyscape in ‘Starry Night ‘, Van Gogh is famed for the swirls and spirals used in the background of his impressionist pieces. Replacing the looming dark tower in ‘Starry Night’ with the equally as prominent Eiffel Tower in ‘Vincent’s Paris’, Datema does a great job of incorporating this classic painting into a contemporary piece of artwork.

The Kiss – Gustav Klimt/Enchanting Trees among the Gold and Copper Leaves – Casimira Mostyn


Picture3     Picture4

With gold leaf embellishment and creative use of intricate pattern within a small block of colour, the work of Gustav Klimt has clearly influenced this piece by Casimira Mostyn. Focussing on a landscape scene rather than a figurative painting, both pictures have a 2d feel whilst bursting with colour and decoration to result in truly vibrant piece of work.

Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer/The Girl with the Poor Hearing – Peter Williams


Picture5     Picture6

Although the title suggests otherwise, it is argued that the ‘pearl earring’ feature point in this famous oil painting is in fact made from polished tin! Rather than a portrait, the original piece was considered to be a ‘tronie’ – a painting depicting a person with exaggerated facial expression or a character in costume. Peter Williams creates a loving spoof of this oil painting by using a play on words, replacing ‘pearl earring’ with ‘poor hearing’ with the addition of some modern headphones, looking rather out of place amongst the traditional costume in the image!